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3.16 文言部分

Task 1



1. quietness;

2. friendliness;

3. cleanliness.


Well for me, cleanliness is the priority when I choose a roommate. Primarily, I hulu,3.16文言写作详解||感觉ETS在憋大招……,qq安全中心am a person who always prefer to live in a clean and tidy environment. I usually carhulu,3.16文言写作详解||感觉ETS在憋大招……,qq安全中心ve out a time hulu,3.16文言写作详解||感觉ETS在憋大招……,qq安全中心every week to do the laundry, vacuum the floor, and wipe my kitchen counter, so that I can live in a very clean room. I really hope that my future roommate can share these cleaning habits. Moreover, having a roommate who values cleanliness can help reduce many evitable arguments. If I have a roommate who 秘爱豪门小太太also enjoys living in a clean room, it is less likely that we will argue who should clean dishes or clean the bathroom. In that way, I can build a better relationship with my roommate.


Task 2



Well, I am a big supporter of the idea that parents should praise children’s positive behaviors. Recognizing and praising what young kids have done well can more effectively reinforce these positive behaviors. For instance, if hulu,3.16文言写作详解||感觉ETS在憋大招……,qq安全中心a boy is willing to share his toys with his friends, his parents praise him for his generous behaviors. The young boy is more likely to remember that he should share things with his friends and be generous. On the contrary, if parents keep blaming what a kids messes up, the kid still has no clues what he should have done, because what he only hears and experiences blame and punish诱妻欢ment. It i王坪吧s possible that the kid will not change his behaviors in the future.

3林更新自称患穷癌.16 写作部分





1. 捕猎卖钱;

2. 和当地居民竞赛领地,所以会被人类猎杀;

3. habitat fragmentation(居住地碎片化)。


1. 有一种aircraft能够detect和monitor这些hunting;

2. 当地居民能够使用tiger的value, 比方修个野生动物园,让tourists来看山君,增加工作又有门票收入等;

3. 能够建筑wild life corridors 衔接两个fragments, 它们能够去另一个habitat捕猎,所以不会饿到它们。




The lecture raises several arguments王佩嫣 to counter the reading’s reasons why tigers are suffering a declining population.

First, the lecture points out that there is a type of aircraft that can detect and monitor the tiger hunting, which contradicts the reading that the number of tigers is reducing because of people’s hunting for profits. Based on the lecture, the aircraft has effectively worked to rein the existing hunting in.

Second, while the reading believes that tigers are hunted because they vie with people for territories, the lecture disagrees with it by telling that local people can utilize tigers to make moneyor contribute to the employment. 信球八叉For example, if with zoos built to attract tourists, local citizens can realize such aims. Hence, there is no need for them to hunt tigers.

Third, despite the fact from the reading that tigers are becoming less because of habit at fragmentati妖娆女on, the lecture contends that wild life corridors can be built to connect these fragmented habitats. It means that tigers can prey in other habitats. Therefore, they will not starve to death。


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Taking a lot of time to make an important decision is often considered as a bad quality for a person, but in fact, ihulu,3.16文言写作详解||感觉ETS在憋大招……,qq安全中心t is a good少侠一炷香 quality for a person to have.




The qualit间谍搜寻官y of taking a lot of time to decide on key issues is a mixed blessing. In many people’s opinion, it is considered as more of a negative quality of a person. However, from my perspective, it is apraised one.

Reasons for this abound, and the number-one factor is that carefully deciding on crucial issues can lead村医闯全国 us to the right track. At present, the fast-paced society is replete with opportunities. Naturally comes a phenomenon that people are eager for a quick fix towards success and will jump to rash decisions when facing chances, which may trapthem into unfavorable conditions. By contrast, those who take every factor into careful consideration and then reach a conclusion have demonstrated their carefulness and will avoid some possible problems. To ill蔡喜宏ustrate, today, an increasing number of people are crazy abo超进化武祖ut stock investment. With a conviction that hulu,3.16文言写作详解||感觉ETS在憋大招……,qq安全中心opportunities wait for no man, they often go with the flow and decide on which stock deserves their money very quickly, which hides a danger that they fail to clearly 神祇禹枫analyze the issue and their overhasty decision is more likely to make them lose money. On the other hand, if stock investors can take acertain amount of time to make this critical decision, they have more opportunities to figure out the stock investment rules and make a right option. Such is a common case in many individuals’ lives. From this instance, we cansafely conclude that taking a lot of time to make decisions can be defined as a merit because it can prevent us from crazily copying others’ opinions and beingled astray.

Granted, some may blame the failure of grasping opportunities on the habit of taking too much time to reach a decision, partly explaining why it may be treated as a demerit for people. This is because sometihulu,3.16文言写作详解||感觉ETS在憋大招……,qq安全中心mes opportunities may fly away when we have spent too much time hesitating. However, the habit of carefully deciding will better prepare us forany possible risks and rise to occasions. Being careful is a far more secure approach. In other words, in many cases, this quality stands us in good stead.

Conclusively, to a l张国荣复生事情argeextent, utilizing necessary time to make essential decisions is a favorable quality for us.








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